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About Us

Oz Business Partners Pty Ltd provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) support to small and micro businesses that choose not to get involved with the ICT and Internet infrastructure they need to use to conduct their core business. We build a trust relationship upon which our clients can rely to get their job done.

In providing our services to our clients, we voluntarily subscribe to a Code of Professional Practice. This is in addition to our consultants own obligation to their professional conduct such as provided in the ACS Code of Ethics

To talk to us about your business support needs drop a line to them or give us a call.

Contact Us

Phone: 08 7127 0107 Skype: callto://baynsley

Postal Address: PO Box 333, Fullarton, SA 5063

Code of Professional Practice

We operate under a Code of Professional Practice which dictates that we provide professional services which are personalised, specialised and client focussed. We undertake to:

  • be open and honest with our clients in all situations and provide advice to the client of all known potential problems that might arise during our consultancy with them.
  • ensure complete confidentiality for our clients consistent with the prevailing laws and with due regard to privacy.
  • provide a level of service that will meet our clients' expectations. To ensure this, a Project Charter will be agreed with our clients covering all elements of the consultancy including the development of the deliverables arising out of the consultancy.
  • provide services at a cost which is consistent with industry norms and acceptable to our clients.
  • advise our clients of any requested services that fall outside our scope of service offerings and where possible will assist clients to locate suitable professional services.

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